Tesla Superchargers
Why This Particular List?

If you plan to travel on any of the above routes, the list provided here is enough for your entire travel between the mentioned end points. For example, the list covers more than 1,000 miles of superchargers along I-5, and almost 1,800 miles of travel along both I-70 and I-40 (along with connecting interstates), as well as hundreds of miles of travel along routes I-15, 99, 101 and 395.

The photos and information was mostly generated by my own personal Tesla travel including two round-trips from Southern California to St. Louis, Missouri, once via I-70 and once via I-40. It also covers trips from Southern California to Las Vegas via I-15 and to Reno via 395 as well as trips between Northern and Southern California on both 99 and 101. Since I live in Vancouver, Washington but have a vacation house in Southern California, the list completely covers route I-5 between them as well as the superchargers on the alternate 99 route.

I would more than welcome submissions of photos by others to grow this list more quickly. If you would like to send me photos of Tesla Supercharging stations as well as photos to surrounding entities, please email them as JPG attachments to superchargers @ teslatouring.com . Please send them as individual attachments and not as a .zip file. Thanks!

I could use some help from those of you who are Tesla experts. When I'm on a long road trip it is easy to use the Tesla GPS functions to find the superchargers along the route. However, I have not found an easy way to bring up the information about each Tesla Supercharging location using the web browser on the Tesla Console Monitor when bringing up Tesla.com . I even find it a little awkward requiring several clicks to get to the information on a particular Tesla Supercharger using a regular web browser on a real computer. Trying to do so on the Tesla Console Monitor I find even more difficult. That is why I came up with the idea for Tchargers.com . Am I missing somthing in not knowing how to easily bring up all the information about a particular Tesla Supercharger location on the Tesla Console Monitor?

Personally I find Tchargers.com extremely useful for my own Tesla road trips. I like to know what restaurants are nearby, which restrooms and WiFi Tesla says are available, along with what hours things are open. The photos at Tchargers.com are also very helpful to me as it jogs my memory of the last time I was at that location regarding what was around and how to find the chargers in the parking lot. I've also made it extremely easy to navigate to any particular supercharger on the Tesla Console Monitor by either city name, state and city, or by the route number I am traveling.

Since I have found this a huge aid in my travels, I just thought I'd share it with others who might find it useful when they travel some of the same routes that I have traveled. I realize that Tchargers.com is not of much value to Tesla owners across the nation and the globe who don't travel the same routes that I have driven. But, I figured it was worth posting at least for the hundreds, maybe thousands, of Tesla owners who frequent the highways up and down the west coast or may take a trip east or west along I-70 or I-40. I welcome your feedback and contributions to Tchargers.com